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Package Design

The goal was to create a sustainable, reusable shoe box and reduce the amount of cardboard usage. By creating a reusable shoe b̶o̶x̶ kit, cardboard has been eliminated from the equation in replacement with canvas fabric that can be reused and washed on multiple occasions.

The idea for these kits would be to use them for events like CIBC's Run for the Cure and other related breast cancer fundraisers. These shoe kits are an initiative that can help drive more donations in finding a cure. By purchasing a kit, all proceeds will be given to research facilities for further research and technological improvements.

The shoe kit includes: shoe care instructions, extra laces and insoles, a pair of socks and a shoehorn. These kits are lightweight, portable and compact for everyday use and travel and can adjust to your favourite runners.

December 2015 (YSDN)

AADA Semifinalist, 2016
Multiple Categories:
Commercial - Packaging Design, Social Impact 
Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic

AADA Honourable Mention, 2016
Commercial - Packaging Design






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