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Kira Talent General Booklet Redesign

TOFU Content 

Higher education leaders and admissions teams who may know little to no information about Kira.

The previous booklet was a very high level overview of the Kira platform that our sales team shared with prospects. The previous organization of information and workflow of the brochure was unclear as pages were added to the document on different occasions.

To streamline information into valuable collateral to be used to support sales with scalable content by following a structured system with clear categories and differentiation of our platforms. 

February 2022

You can view the booklet here!

Kira Talent Vertical Booklets

TOFU Content 

Higher education leaders and admissions teams.

To create individual brochures for specific verticals including Pharmacy, Dentistry, Business, Medical, Nursing. Sales enablement material that dives into a specific problem each individual vertical currently has trouble with and providing more information about the benefits of Kira and how we can help them with their admissions process. 

February - December 2022

You can view the business school booklet here!

Team: Maya Cress, Content Marketing Manager and Marissa Ho, Head of Marketing


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