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I'm in Town! App 

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There are so many resources at your fingertips when planning your next trip. From googling organized tours, reviews, online blogs and websites to reading through travel guides and itineraries. When going through these resources there can be a common overlap with 'cliche' sights and activities.

Traveling should be about getting the local experience and immersing yourself in their culture. I'm in Town is a crowd-sourced app that encourages the user to be both the traveler and tour guide. The user can find and create journeys specific to their interests, and get opinions from people who live there.

I'm in Town! was developed with a target market of young adults to middle-aged travelers that really want a local experience.

Launch site  | Press Kit 
Prototype made with Quartz Composer: Prototype video

Team: Julia Seo and Tiffany Tsai | December 2014 (YSDN)







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