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(Em)power Poster Series

Art Direction

Negative self-talk is inner dialogue that may be something one encounters on a daily or if not occasionally. During my time at YSDN, there were multiple occasions where this negative dialogue would discourage and limit my abilities in believing I can create meaningful and impactful design.

During my final year, I wanted my thesis to be a reflective piece. The goal of the project was self reflection and exploring personal empowerment.

With these 3-series posters I look into how to earn, use and keep power. I investigate how power can impact the creative, decision-making process and how it can help overcome negative self-talk and doubts.

I morphed and created an arbitrary client brief based on randomizing answers from multiple questionnaires taken by 20 students asking questions like, what typeface/s should be included? size? colour? copy? Creating this brief allowed me to create meaning based off of randomization.

It was a challenging year long journey but I experienced some personal growth and a boost in self-confidence to say the least. Power is a skill that must be trained through practice. Shifting negative self-talk into positive self-talk is also a skill that must be trained through practice. Once you learn how to control that it becomes a powerful tool with increasing your self-confidence and will aid in the quest for power.

Snippets of visual inspiration 

April 2016 (YSDN)

AADA Semifinalist, 2016
Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print

RGD Honourable Mention, 2016
Typography category for RGD's 2016 Student Awards Program



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Final Design



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