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Book Design - 8x8inch hardcover

Chicken Eggs are known as the building blocks for the body and are also the least expensive source of high-quality protein at 17 cents per serving. I've created an eggcellent recipe book for beginners that is dedicated to eggs and only eggs. With this illustrative recipe book readers are able to perfect the simple yet tasty recipes with one ingredient. Recipes include fried, scrambled, coddled eggs and many others, making the mornings a little more interesting. 

April 2016 (YSDN)

AADA Semifinalist, 2016
Multiple Categories: Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration,Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print




Typefaces used: Edmondsans, Archivo Narrow. 

9/22 images were sourced through wikipedia and flickr, I modified and close cropped images taken by The Commoner, Blue Lotus, Renee Comet, Kakei. R, Holme053, Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin, Andrea Nguyen, Lisa Redfern and Jeffrey W.

Recipes created by chefs including Jamie Olivier, Alton Brown, Martha Stewart, Laura Calder, Ricardo Larrivee, Brittney Dixon, Mary Nolan, Namiko Chen, All recipes, Japan Centre, and Egg Farmers of Canada.


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