CrowdRiff DMO Campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

Destination Marketing Organizations who work for States such as California, Florida, Indiana, New York, Virginia, North Carolina and many others. 

To bring attention the value of working with CrowdRiff can bring to Destination Marketing Organizations. 

The package included custom CrowdRiff socks and a copy of our publication which were sent out to specific DMOs. 

The publications included a selection of stories and case studies on how DMOs were tackling different destination marketing challenges with authentic visual content. The publications showcased user-generated visuals sourced through CrowdRiff. Showing other DMOs a sneak peek of what high quality visuals they could be using with CrowdRiff. 

Built relationships with multiple DMOs such as California, Florida, Indiana, Virginia and many others.

May 2018

You can view the
publication digitally here!

Team: Elizabeth Ching, Former Content Marketing Manager, Irene Jellissen, Former Event Marketing Manager, Amrita Gurney, Former VP Marketing  

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