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CrowdRiff Direct Mail Sock Refresh

Current customers and future prospects. Travel and tourism marketers, (new markets: attractions, museum, resort marketers). 

In 2018, CrowdRiff has created unique travel and museum styled socks that have become a huge hit with our prospects and customers in our recent direct mail campaigns. We’ve decided to refresh our socks so they can also be aligned with the new markets we are targeting. (new markets: attractions, museum, resort marketers).   

By creating a unique, vibrant, on-brand style that represents CrowdRiff and allows us to stand out from our competitors. Using the camera Rifficon as the representative element of CrowdRiff. To show new markets that we are all about visuals! 

July 2019

Inspiration and snippets of process work

Team: Irene Jellissen, Event Marketing Manager 

2018 sock design provided by The Sock Club

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