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Customer Newsletter

2017 Redesign 

Customers (Travel and tourism marketers).

Redesign the CrowdRiff customer newsletter from the original plain text format and create an improved reading experience. 

1. Improve user experience: To read, scan and click on links with ease.
2. Ideally get customers to connect back to CrowdRiff's Blog.
3. Drive more attention to the customer referral CTA.



Researching different newsletters for inspiration from online publications, writers, and other industry leaders. Looking at examples of how they treat copy for emails, what the optimal line length and high is and also how they organize the order of their content. 

Looking into how they showcase their blog content I ask myself questions like, do they incorporate a supporting image? Do they organize their blog posts in three columns or one column? What does the content look like on mobile? etc. 

Based on my research and questions I created a few sketches and mockups (some of my sketches and mockups are shown above). 

Understanding that there are certain design restraints when it comes to creating emails, the newsletter doesn’t have to be overly complicated or flashy. To remember that the goal is to make it easily digestible for customers to be able to read, scan and click on links in the newsletter.

For example I created a mockup that included a header image per section but realized the newsletter was starting to look over complicated, overwhelming and imbalanced with the content. 




Header image

The original header image was a welcoming photo of our customer success team. Reflecting on the choice we realized our newsletter isn’t very heavily focused on the CrowdRiff team but what news and resources CrowdRiff has to share with customers whether it's about product features and updates, recognizing new and current customers, and future events CrowdRiff would be attending. 

We switched out the header with an image that will change each month, showcasing high quality visuals. We have also given our newsletter a running title to define the contents of the email being CrowdRiff's Customer Digest (customer newsletter). 



The letter portion of the email is the most important information so we wanted to make minor typographic changes to improve readability, making it easier to read and skim the content. In the previous design the body copy was formatted in one size where there is a lack of hierarchy. 

I've worked closely with our Content Marketing Manager to break up the copy into sections that included prominent subheads. Discussing that this would improve readability and be a new standard format when creating future newsletters. There has also been minor adjustments with the line height and line width based off of the research I have found for optimal reading. 


Blog section

We've created prominent section headers to break down the information in the newsletter and to allow more breathing room between the content and the section header. 

Instead of having one large image for the blog section we removed the header image and instead included the three articles with their supporting blog image. 

By breaking up the bulleted text it is easier to distinguish the important blog articles that customers find useful. Every article is contained in a box, the user can click anywhere in the box whether it is on the image or text and it will then link them to the blog post. 

Understanding that it is possible that emails will be read on other device sizes such as mobile, you don't need to over complicate the design. At first, I considered to place all of the blog articles in three columns but for easy optimization and usability I decided the design would be more effective if the blog post were seen as one columned. 


People of CrowdRiff

CrowdRiff has created a code for "single embed photos", so when customers want to share a single photo on their own website or blog they can do so with our single embed code. We created a mockup to emulate our single embed code in our email newsletter. 

Customer Referral CTA

We wanted to give a little more TLC to the “Refer a friend” section of our newsletter. An appropriate opportunity to make sure the "Refer a friend" CTA stands out since this is a customer facing email. I worked with the Content Marketing Manager to include copy that informs customers with a value proposition of offering one free month of CrowRiff attached to the CTA. Highlighting this value proposition with CrowdRiff's vibrant primary blue. 


Team: Elizabeth Ching, former Content Marketing Manager, Leah Conway, Web Developer/ (current) Designer


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