Conference Booth and Banners 

To create eye-catching booth and banners that stand out to attract prospects at conferences and tie in the CrowdRiff branding and messaging.   

Summarized what we do visually with strong messaging and visuals and showcased a few Destination Marketing Organizations we worked with, putting our platform front and center.


CrowdRiff booth inspiration, banner inspiration and snippets of process work 

Conference Print Materials

Accordion Brochures

Targeting markets in travel and tourism, European brands, museums and attractions. 

To create conference takeaway materials with information on CrowdRiff that get prospects interested in working together.

Created multiple versions of a 6-panel accordion brochure targeting specific markets. These brochures include information on CrowdRiff, customer testimonials and results and user-generated visuals sourced through CrowdRiff. 


Team: Elizabeth Ching, Former Content Marketing Manager, Talia Van Everdingen, Content Marketing Manager,
Rachel Ostep, Former Event Marketing Manager, Amrita Gurney, Former VP, Marketing  

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