Kira Talent General Booklet

Sales Enablement Collateral

Admissions teams in higher education and the K-12 space with little to no information about Kira. 

The general booklet serves as an informative sales enablement collateral designed to provide a high-level overview of the Kira platform, briefly summarizing key features. As of today, we continue to make quarterly updates and changes to ensure it reflects all the new features our product and engineering teams are developing.

To avoid our competitors 👀 at our work please reach out to view the entire booklet.

Kira Talent Vertical Brochures

Sales Enablement Collateral 

Prospects in higher education and admissions in programs such as Business, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Law and K-12 schools.

An opportunity to create vertical specific brochures the sales team can leverage when speaking with prospects. Each individual brochure dives into specific problems and provides more information about the benefits of how Kira can help them with their admissions process. 

I closely collaborated with sales and client success teams at Kira, gathering insights from each vertical. This deepened my understanding of trends and pain points in admissions teams, drawing from our clients' experiences.

Prior sales collateral emphasized product features over relatability and storytelling, potentially creating a gap between prospect goals and our products. Our aim was to pivot to a more relatable storytelling approach, addressing admissions teams' challenges, and incorporating social validation for trust and credibility.

Send me a DM if you would like to see a specific vertical!

Team: Marissa Ho, Head of Marketing. In collaboration with the Sales and Client Success Teams

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