Top 50 Questions eBook

Lead Magnet for Demand Generation 

Travel and tourism marketers. 

The goal was to attract more leads to download the eBook, and get them to request a demo after reading. My role was to make the eBook visually compelling to make someone want to click "download", and also format the content to make the message easily digestible, and ultimately encourage conversion.

The marketing team sourced answers to the questions the team hears the most. I took the copy and strategically planned various layouts of each page to transform the content from a wall of text, to an easy-to-read and more valuable resource.

Check out the full eBook!   |  May 2019

Inspiration and snippets of process work

Other eBooks I've worked on

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Check out the full eBook!   |  May 2019

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Check out the full eBook!   |  May 2019

Team: Julia Manoukian, Former Senior Content Marketing Manager, Talia van Everdingen, Content Marketing Manager 

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