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CrowdRiff 10(ish) Questions Video Series

Instagram Stories 

To get to know the people who work at CrowdRiff. Showcasing our fun and friendly diverse culture through our Instagram. For people who are interested in working at CrowdRiff, they get a little preview of the amazing people who work here! 

By creating a fun Q&A Insta story series with our CrowdRiffers! Answering questions from “Whats the most rewarding part of your job?” to “What is your favourite lunch spot?”. 

Worked with our Content Marketing Manager to create interesting questions, design a stylized formula and filmed in and around the office. Every story is different as each CrowdRiffer shows off their unique personalities. 

Many of our customers have continuously informed us that they always enjoy getting to know the people on our team through our stories and are always excited for a new 10(ish) Questions posts!  

February 2018

Snippets of past 10(ish) Questions

on CrowdRiff's Instagram highlights! 

Team: Elizabeth Ching, former Content Marketing Manager, Amrita Gurney, VP Marketing

This story series has been managed by Emma Capalbo, our former Marketing Intern
and is now managed by our current Marketing Intern Isabelle Roman.  

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